I found the story of the Orangeburg Massacre to be very interesting, primarily because I had never heard of it before and because it ties in so well with the class this semester. This is a prime example of how political, social, and economic factors tied together to create this tragedy. The town of Orangeburg, South Carolina had two black colleges, a strong middle class African American population base, and a small group of Caucasians holding the power and not wanting to give up any control.

To this day, repeated requests to look into the events and understand what and how things happened have been denied to the victim’s families, to the people and community involved, and to the country as a whole. Perhaps if this inquest had been allowed, Kent State would not have happened. I found it interesting that it was brought up in one of the clips, that non-violent marches and gatherings generally avoided night time get-togethers. This incident happened at night as students were standing around a bonfire. Eight seconds of gun fire by police ended up with twenty-eight people shot, in the backs or sides, and three young men killed. I first posted this video back in Feb, look to my earlier posts for time/date verification.