I found this story to be interesting, as it showcased Ernest Green, one of the Little Rock Nine.  He had been interviewed by a play producer, who was creating a play about the Green Book and life for African Americans during segregation.  As a teenager, he traveled 1,000 miles with his mother and aunt, to attend his sister’s college graduation.  It was apparent how African Americans needed a product like the Green Book.  Restaurants, motels, and other establishments that were open-minded to service African Americans were listed.

The Green Book was first published in 1936 and started with coverage in the south but grew to cover all fifty states and encompassed doctors, beauty salons, and other services that African American travelers needed in a segregated society.  Information that the Green Book provided helped offer a sense of safety and helped avoid humiliation and possibly injury to those traveling in unfamiliar areas.  I posted the original link back in February….look for the time/date stamp of approval.