I don’t believe that Thomas Frank feels that poor conservatives are stupid, but rather these folks were a bit hoodwinked and mislead as political parties started migrating on their core beliefs, stances, and values.  The traditional Democratic Party started morphing and via the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC), “has long been pushing the party to forget blue-collar voters and concentrate instead on recruiting, affluent, white-collar professionals who are liberal on social issues.” (Moreton 243) The blue collar workers who were the “backbone” of the Democrats started moving into the ranks of  the Republican party of Kansas and other areas of the country.  There are “radical” conservatives who tend to comprise the poorer demographics of the state.  These folks have been struggling financially yet support deregulation and tax cuts, which only hurts their cause, jobs and families.  The “liberal” conservatives of the Republican Party are the big winners with local and state politics as they benefit from the voting reactions of the “radical” conservatives who keep supporting tax cuts which only benefit the wealthy and does not benefit the poor conservatives.  These  “radical” folks started chasing red herrings in the form of social issues and let their beliefs run their economic issues.  Hot topics like Christianity, abortion, gun control, and gay marriage/rights sucked in the poor “radical” conservatives.  These topics sidetracked the poor conservatives into not thinking about their own jobs and how tax cuts affect their own economic well-being.